I Fired My Microwave Oven conclusion

DSC00242-1 I own a microwave oven that used to be in my kitchen but now resides in my basement. Previously I had questioned if this electrical kitchen appliance could be linked to causing cancer and thru research I couldn’t find any evidence of that being a possibility. The use of non ionising radiation as a power source for this appliance was the main reason microwave ovens possibly being linked to causing cancer came into question. Unlike ionising radiation which could chemically alter how a cell would function in the human body, non ionising energy (which is used in microwave ovens) isn’t powerful enough to effect the body’s DNA makeup.

Even after all of what I discovered in my research, I still decided to stop using my microwave oven because there was just not enough pros for me and too many cons when it came to the operation of this popular kitchen appliance. You can heat up your food rapidly using cookware items such as glass saucepans and ceramic bowls whereas other items such as metal pans, soft plastic containers, styrofoam cups and plates not labeled “Microwave Safe” and aluminum foil cannot be used and should be prevented from use at all times. Another strike for microwaves is that some particular types of food will turn out hard or rubbery after heating it up if you don’t follow the microwave instructions correctly. A conventional oven and a toaster oven may have a longer process when it comes to cooking food, but the advantage they have over microwaves is that they can safely cook your food in all baking and cookware items.

It’s been established that electromagnetic radiation is used as the power source for microwaves and non ionising energy is the type. I don’t think this form of energy could cause cancer immediately because if it did, you would hear a great amount of reports about microwaves being linked to cancer in the media. Secondly, if microwaves being linked to cancer is not a myth, it should be reported to the public. I’m confident that non ionising energy will not effect the body immediately, but what concerns me is the long term factor. I’m not a smoker or a drinker, but if I decided to be one for a short period of time, I highly doubt if my condition of health would be effected. But if I took up smoking and drinking for a multiple amount of years, I’m pretty sure that my health would be compromised. That’s the same way I feel about non ionising radiation in microwaves. The long term effect of using a microwave’s power source is a risk that I’m not willing to take when it comes to my health.

I personally think when it comes to determining whether or not a microwave oven is safe to use, the reviews and conclusions will continue to be mixed. As I stated before, there was not enough pros and too many cons when it came to using this appliance along with how its power source would effect my health after years of long term use. That was enough evidence to convince me not to use mine anymore. In our house, my microwave oven is out of a job.