I Fired My Microwave Oven Part 2

DSC00190-1 I eat heartily and I eat healthy. I prefer all my meals to be hot and fully cooked. When it comes to cooking food, microwave ovens have their pros and cons. All items that are ceramic, glass, and plastic that is marked microwave safe can be used in this appliance. But the downside to using microwaves are that metal cooking utensils, aluminum foil, plastic bags, and styrofoam cups are considered unsafe for use.

At least with a conventional oven I can have the satisfaction of knowing that I can cook my food and leave it in a metal pan whereas that same pan would create sparks like the 4th of July if used in a microwave that would make the chances of starting a fire very high. Styrofoam and plastic that is not microwave safe would leave a melted mayhem of a mess in this non-conventional oven appliance no matter whether the setting for it was high or low.

Food that is inside soft plastic containers that are not marked microwave safe are considered by me to be an accident waiting to happen if used in the microwave. The container’s molecular structure is going to be penetrated by the electromagnetic waves which creates toxic substances that could possibly go into your food. These toxic substances are called carcinogens. Carcinogens are substances that can cause cancer. Of course you won’t physically see the carcinogens enter your food and the accident waiting to happen will be how your health is going to be effected over the long term after your bloodstream is altered from ingesting these carcinogens. Notice I said “long term” as far as your body being invaded by cancer causing carcinogens because nothing will happen to your body instantly from using a heated soft plastic food container. You could heat up your favorite food a multiple amount of times in the microwave and you should be fine. But by conducting this practice for a long period of time and after years of relying on a device that heats up food by using electromagnetic waves, you could increase your risk of getting cancer.

In part 3 of “I Fired My Microwave Oven”, I will discuss the main source of power for this popular kitchen appliance which is electromagnetic radiation and whether or not it could possibly cause cancer.