I Fired My Microwave Oven Part 3

DSC00244-1I’m fond of my electrical appliances. My television keeps me entertained on a daily basis while my cell phone allows me to communicate with others. My microwave oven cooked my food all of the time until I stopped using it. I was told that its main power source is electromagnetic radiation. I can’t eat food that’s cooked by that type of energy because I could get cancer. Could microwave ovens be linked to causing cancer? If it can, there has been no study thus far to prove it. The only reason there was ever concern about this being a possibility is probably because of that one magic word which is radiation.

Radiation is used by making the water molecules in food vibrate and heat up. The production of heat and the vibrating of molecules within the food is the process which actually cooks the food. Most people are only aware of one type of radiation but there are several ranging from nuclear radiation to natural background radiation. For this topic, I’ll focus on two types which are ionising and non ionising radiation. That one particular type that is talked about by most individuals concerning cancer is ionising radiation.

When energy from ionising radiation enters a cell, it chemically changes how the cell functions. A very small amount of energy into the cell would be harmless, but a large amount or too much of it could promote and cause cancer. Non ionising radiation produces energy that is powerful enough to vibrate the molecules in food to heat and cook the food but not enough to chemically change the cells or DNA of the body. This type of radiation produces energetic radio waves that can be found in microwave ovens and other household electrical appliances such as televisions, cell phones, computers and electrical heaters.

Even though the electromagnetic radiation exists in all of these appliances, I highly doubt if there is enough energy in them to alter the body’s DNA chemically to cause cancer in this manner. In my research, I couldn’t find no proof of microwave ovens causing cancer because there’s just no hard evidence to support that it does. Even with that being said, I still felt as though I had to break ties with this kitchen appliance and I will reveal why this decision was made by me in the conclusion of this topic, “I Fired My Microwave Oven.”