Monitor Your Blood Pressure Readings! Seriously!

DSC00198-1Frustration, stress, and a slight numbness in the hands could possibly mean that your on a dangerous road that leads to either a stroke or a heart attack! If you’re healthy, that’s fine. But this message is aimed at the ones who happen to fall in that category of the symptoms I just mentioned. Learn how to relax a little more by getting away from the things that work your nerves. Focus on an activity that pleases and makes you happy. And if you manage to find yourself in an area that is quiet, calm, and serene, take long deep breaths for a couple of minutes. And for those of you who have never tried this technique before, you would be amazed at how basic breathing exercises such as this can calm the nerves and lower blood pressure. But remember to monitor your blood pressure readings! Seriously! If you have habits, either bad or good, add monitoring your readings to them. Invest in a “Blood Pressure Monitor” and keep in constant contact with your physician.