Pathway to a Positive State of Mind

IMG_20150602_082848_599-1This article is credited to my wife Melba C. Spence. In it she discusses strategies and tips for maintaining and possibly improving a healthy state of mind by avoiding and preventing negative behavior. Melba points out that maintaining a healthy mindset is just as important as taking care of ourselves physically for a healthy body.

Exercise and proper nutrition are key assets that could benefit our physical health but what also must be included is that as a part of our health and well-being we must take care of ourselves both physically and mentally. The mental behavior of an individual can have an affect on the way the physical body functions. For example, if a person is worried or upset, they could possibly lose their appetite or their sleep pattern might be disrupted. Negative emotions such as depression and anxiety could distract and cause you to lose focus from your regular daily activities.

The holidays can also have a psychological affect on some individuals stirring up a series of emotions. An example of this could be an object (ex. hat, gloves, slippers, jewelry) that belonged to a deceased relative or close friend which could possibly trigger emotions of sadness during the holidays from that individual encountering the object.

There are preventive measures that can be taken in dealing with negative emotions. First of all, be aware of your surroundings by totally avoiding places, objects, or even certain people you know that will cause you to get upset. Secondly, avoid common things that can be a trigger for upsetting behavior such as ignoring and walking away from an aggressive individual who is constantly argumentative. Third, animosity towards any relative or in-law you do not get along with can be avoided by staying away from them. More common things that can influence negativity is financial troubles and worries. Problems with relationships is a spark that could light the wick to that stick of dynamite that can set off negative behavior. That problem can be remedied by talking to a friend or relative you can deeply confide in or you can seek out to get counseling.

But another subject I think worth mentioning concerning this article is the sad feeling of grief for a relative that was lost during the holidays that some people happen to experience. The best way to conquer being overwhelmed by the sadness of loss for your loved one is to focus on and talk openly about all the good memories that you shared with your relative. It might be easy for some while it could be a challenge for others, but at least it’s a crucial step in overcoming that painful emotion.

In order for our lives to be healthy and stress-free, we need to implement more positive thinking into our lives because having a healthy mindset is beneficial for body, mind and soul.