Are You Guilty of the Fast Food Fix?

DSC00200-1 I truly believe today’s fast fix foods are the culprit for poor nutrition in our children’s diet. You will rarely find a family having time to enjoy a full breakfast in the morning. Growing up I recall reaching for my favorite sugary sweet cereal before I went to school.

Processed foods are more prevalent and easier to cook. Most kids will reach for soda and sugary juices instead of water, milk or natural fruit juices. A few simple changes in your child’s diet can make a big difference. Substitute carrot sticks, a piece of fruit or granola bars instead of potato chips, donuts and snack cakes. Gradual changes such as this in your child’s diet could help them to stop craving the sweet and sugary snacks.

It only takes a minute to heat up microwaveable oatmeal and french toast sticks. These quick fixes can be a time saver, but detrimental to your child’s overall nutrition. These quick fixes leave them feeling not full and craving for more sugar. Are you guilty of fixing microwaveable meals? Are you guilty of feeding your child sugary cereals and foods with empty calories? Clean out the pantry and refrigerator. Give your children better choices such as fruits, vegetables and plenty of soluble fiber-rich foods.