Power Of The Pomegranate

According to the experts it’s always advisable to make fruits and vegetables a part of any well-balanced and healthy eating plan in order to assure a sound and vigorous body. Adding more fruits and vegetables to your diet can help to manage your weight and reduce the risk of chronic diseases and certain types of cancer. When it comes to managing your weight a good amount of fruits and vegetables can be consumed by you without having to worry about putting on the extra pounds because of their low-fat and calorie content combined with a high-fiber content. The water and fiber content in fruits and vegetables adds volume to any of your meals which can be filling. Fruits and vegetables can allow you to diet without decreasing the amount of food you eat because all you have to do is substitute the food high in calories you eat with low-calorie fruits and vegetables. Consuming a low-calorie food in place of a high-calorie food of the same amount is definitely a good way to manage a healthy weight.

Consuming fruits and vegetables are an assured way of gaining adequate nutrition and earns recognition in living a healthy lifestyle but this is advice and information I’ve heard and read about a numerous amount of times. What needs to be focused on more in my opinion is what kind of fruits or vegetables can provide you with these types of nutritional value and decide whether or not you should be eating either more conventional or organic types of fruits and vegetables. As far as consuming fruits goes for gaining nutritional value, the pomegranate comes to mind. The pomegranate is simply a round shaped fruit with a leathery rind that is red in color containing an abundance of edible red juicy seeds. The botanical name for this fruit is “Punica granatum”.

Being a native to Iran, pomegranates are primarily cultivated in some parts of the United States and mainly in Mediterranean countries. Its properties have many antioxidant effects. I’m pretty sure that you’ve heard and read about certain foods that contain antioxidants such as beans, berries, potatoes, artichokes, cranberries, and apples which gives you the upper hand and advantage in gaining the proper amount of nutrition to keep and maintain a healthy body but what should also be explained is what an antioxidant is. An antioxidant is a substance that inhibits the oxidation of other compounds within the body. The antioxidant acts almost like a scavenger that eats and sucks up grime from the bottom of the ocean when it inhibits the oxidation of the body’s compounds. This special type of cleansing can be achieved from eating pomegranates or drinking its juice because as I stated before, its properties contain many antioxidants. The compounds and enzymes of the antioxidants will not allow cholesterol to oxidize which results in low cholesterol levels and prevents hardening of the arteries.

Other advantages of pomegranates are that they contain a high level of flavonoids which are effective in counteracting cancer radials. A good flow of blood in the body can be maintained by drinking its juice on a regular basis which keeps the arteries clear of any clots decreasing the risk of any heart problems. The antibacterial properties of its juice also helps to reduce the effects of dental plaque. Pomegranates also supply iron to the blood reducing the symptoms of anemia therefore assuring a healthy blood flow. The pomegranate and its juice is a delicious fruit I highly recommend because its antioxidant properties alone would benefit any individual’s health regimen.