The Natural Fuel for the Body

DSC00359-11It should be obvious and quite clear that in order to live a healthy lifestyle, proper care of the body should be provided by getting enough sleep, exercise and consuming nutritious food (red meat and fish for protein/ fruits and vegetables). Along with receiving the proper nutrition, there is one important natural resource that I rely on for my nutritional needs which is a life-giving clear and calorie free liquid that we all commonly know as water.

Water replenishes the body and keeps you hydrated. It also maintains your body temperature along with aiding the transportation of nutrients within the body. Water is not the cure all for weight loss but it aids in helping you to lose weight because it can slightly curb your appetite by making you feel fuller and less desirable to consume a great amount of calories if you drink 16 to 24 ounces of it (which is equivalent to about 3 to 4 glasses) a half an hour prior to your next meal.

Muscle performance during physical activity is maintained at a substantial level when consuming water and prevents the muscles from getting fatigued.

Drinking an adequate amount of the clear liquid allows the gastrointestinal tract to function normally which assists in maintaining a normal bowel function. It also aids in flushing out the kidneys which allows your body to be cleansed of toxins through urine excretion. Water consumption will do justice for your skin by the water entering the pores of the skin allowing it to maintain and keep a healthy appearance.

I can’t suggest that you go by the 8 glasses of water a day rule because each individual’s body varies in size and comparison. But I can suggest that you should consume a good substantial amount throughout the day and make it an important and required part of your daily diet. As for myself, I know the physical body is composed of about 57 to 60 percent water and in order for a normal healthy function of it, I make sure to consume a total of at least 48 to 64 ounces of water on a daily basis.