Wring Out the Water Weight!

DSC00263 (1)-1Before you can tackle a problem, you have to know its origin points and what caused it. So when it comes to losing weight, you have to be aware of what caused the weight gain and then determine how to rid yourself of it. Foods consumed that are high in sodium can cause your body to retain an enormous amount of fluid in it. Besides overeating or consuming a lot of junk food at certain times, excessive fluid in the body can be blamed for undesired weight.

If you’re on a diet and you have difficulty losing weight, you might not be aware of a key factor that could help you in your mission to accomplish your goal which is to reduce your sodium intake and increase your consumption of water. The remedy for dealing with water retention in the body are diuretics. Diuretics are substances that can remove fluids and salt from the body through the process of urination. Exercising and maintaining a proper diet along with the proper use of diuretics for your body can be equivalent to wringing the excess water out of a cloth.

There are several types of medicinal and a good amount of natural diuretics that can be used to rid the body of unwanted fluids. Some of the natural diuretics which could be more beneficial to your health are spinach, asparagus, herbal teas and lemon juice. As far as consuming water, it’s advised by the experts to drink up to eight glasses a day, but I suggest that you drink a good amount of it throughout the day any time you can, when you can. Another method that can help you in your weight loss endeavor is to drink one or two glasses before a meal to help you feel full which will result in you consuming a lesser amount of calories. Eating spinach which is a natural diuretic along with other vegetables that fall in that category and drinking that life giving clear liquid from a plastic bottle or a glass is an easy and economical way to start shedding the unwanted pounds.

So remember, natural diuretics, drinking more water and cutting back on salt consumption along with executing some physical activity (at least 3 to 4 times a week) will cause the weight to drop allowing you to see a decrease in the numbers when you step on the scale.