Eat Right! Live Right!

DSC00134-1To maintain a healthy and fit physique, sometimes I use the analogy that I have to treat my body like an automobile and perform the proper maintenance on it so that it will continue to function properly. So with that being said, the one thing that my wife and I check on constantly is our blood pressure because we have no desire to be diagnosed with ailments such as heart disease, kidneys failing, or stroke.

I have never been a victim of hypertension and don’t plan to be, not if I can help it. I have my own “Blood Pressure Monitor” and it is put to good use. As you can see, hypertension is a matter that I take very seriously. I make sure that I consume a lot of fruits and vegetables because they contain numerous amounts of potassium which protects my body from possibly developing high blood pressure.

I also avoid salt as much as possible and invest a majority of my time exercising. In order not to become a statistic of hypertension, my motto is ” Eat Right! Live Right!” It’s also a code that I go by to ensure that I’ll be around for a long time to watch my son Kyle grow up.