Hooray For Himalayan Salt Lamps!

Himalayan Pink Salt Lamps (HPS Lamps) are large pieces or blocks of pure Himalayan salt with a small light bulb inside of it which improves indoor air quality when lit. The air quality is improved when the lit bulb inside of the lamp heats the salt crystal which has an ionizing effect. Himalayan salt lamps also tend to generate small amounts of negative ions if used on a regular basis. Negative ions are both positive and negative ions in the air created by occurrences in nature such as water falls, sunlight, and lightning storms. Negative ions attract harmful particles in the air which are positively charged and they balance and neutralize them. If you happen to observe a salt lamp that is damp or wet, it mostly comes from it being hygroscopic. Salt is naturally hygroscopic which means that it attracts water from its surroundings. The water quickly evaporates from the mild heat of the lamp which creates the negative ions during the evaporation process. The negative ions come in contact with the positive ions such as mold and bacteria, bind with it and then are neutralized by the negative ions. Himalayan salt lamps generate negative ions which harbor a number of health benefits such as increasing the flow of oxygen to the brain which stimulates mental focus.

The Himalayan salt lamp’s other achievements besides ionizing a room is that it can balance electromagnetic wavelengths that come from electronic appliances such as computers, televisions, and mobile phones. Other benefits of using the salt lamp include improving physical health and well-being by helping with allergies, headaches, asthma, rheumatism and stress. The color of the lamp when lit can be therapeutic because the orange hue that emits from the salt lamp gives off a soothing color that can be calming while improving both mood and mental focus. Even though the salt lamps can improve the air quality of a room along with giving your health a positive boost they have a limited range and they vary in size, so it’s advisable to have more than one in your home. Keep them away from water and areas of high humidity. Bathrooms are not suggested due to the fact that steam can be created from taking showers. It is suggested that you place them wherever you spend or occupy most of your time in your home.