Play it Safe!

DSC00523 (1)-1To avoid injury or overexertion to the body, it pays to play it safe and be smart when it comes to working out. Take about five to ten minutes to warm up your body. A warm up period involves a low-impact aerobic activity to increase blood flow and breathing. It will help to adjust the body to the physical activity that will be placed upon it during your exercise routine. After a low-level aerobic or warm up period always remember to stretch prior to physical activity or exercise. Stretching is important because it improves flexibility, increases elasticity and builds strength in the body. It also reduces the risk of injury during exercise. Stretch sensibly to avoid strains or pulled muscles. A basic stretch for hip flexors and hamstrings should be held for about ten to thirty seconds and repeated about two to four times.

An intense workout should be followed by a cool down period. The cool down period allows your heart rate and breathing to return to normal after gradually decreasing your pace from the activity you were doing. An example of a cool down period can be either low-intensity stretching or drinking water for recovery or a combination of both examples. I hope these short and straight to the point tips will help to enhance your workout routine and avoid problems that could lead to injuries.