Pork & Shrimp Are Banned From My Plate! Part 1

One of the reasons my health is great comes from the fact that I keep pork and shrimp off my plate. This information is for all of those individuals who love to dine on shrimp and pork. Back in the day bacon was something that I used to consume on a daily basis and pork chops were eaten by myself either baked, fried or broiled. I didn’t care how it was cooked, if pork chops was for dinner, I couldn’t wait to eat it. Shrimp was another one of my favorite foods I loved to eat. The shrimp basket which was fried shrimp with french fries was okay but my favorite type of shrimp dish was the shrimp cocktail. I enjoyed eating all of that shrimp and pork back then, but nowadays I avoid shrimp and pork like the plague.

I haven’t eaten shrimp and pork in over eight years, especially pork and with good reason. Pigs will literally eat almost anything they see ranging from dirt, carcasses of dead animals, rotted flesh of animals, worms, feces, and garbage. Due to the fact that this animal does this type of consumption, their fat tissue quickly absorbs toxins in their body as a result of this.

The human physical body has sweat glands which are also called “Sudoriferous Glands” which cover a majority of the body that includes the soles of the feet, armpits, forehead and the palm of the hands. To break it down even more there are two types of sweat glands which are the “Eccrine Glands” and the “Apocrine Glands”. The Eccrine Glands are mostly distributed over a majority of the body which discharges secretions directly to the surface of the skin. The Apocrine Glands which are more larger than the Eccrine Glands are located in the armpits. The main function of the human sweat glands is to regulate the temperature of the body and excrete waste products from it whereas pigs cannot do this because they have no sweat glands. Unlike humans, pigs bathe in water and mud to regulate their body temperature. The fact that this animal cannot excrete sweat from its skin makes it highly toxic and it’s most likely possible that your body is receiving these toxins if you consume pork.

The liver of the human body has the largest glandular organ within it and functions to keep the body pure of harmful substances and toxins. The problem with pork consumption is that pork meat rapidly digests in the body which creates a high level of toxins in your body making it hard for your liver to filter out all of the toxins. Studies have shown that pork consumption increases the chances of Alzheimer’s and other diseases such as diabetes and heart disease.

If you do eat pork be aware that pigs carry a numerous amount of parasites in their bodies. One of the parasites is known as the trichinella worm and eating raw or undercooked pork puts you at a high risk of developing “trichinellosis”, an infection that was well recognized in pigs back in the 1860s. Some common symptoms of this infection are diarrhea, fever, headaches and vomiting. For the individuals who love their bacon and pork chops I suggest that you don’t eat pork at all but if you insist on continuing to do so make sure that you thoroughly cook it even though there are no guarantees that cooking will kill all of these parasites. Don’t risk or compromise your health consuming pork. Try alternatives like turkey which is more lean and safer to consume.