Resistance is the Existence for Toning Up!

DSC00586 (1)For a healthy lifestyle you need to exercise along with eating right and when it comes to physical activity, every individual is different and their results will vary but achieving a level of strengthening and toning up the physical body is a goal that should be the same for everyone. A key element and factor to building muscle strength and tone is “Resistance Training”. This type of exercise which is not hard to do should be conducted by anyone who is seeking to burn fat tissue and replace it with hard muscle tissue. The strength fibers within our muscle fibers are referred to as “Type 2” muscle fibers. Resistance Training promotes growth within these muscle fibers. The “Type 2” fibers are lost at a rate of about 25% when not engaging in some form of resistance exercise as a result of the body aging later on in life.

Resistance Training can be used with equipment such as resistance cords (which is very popular for this type of training) or a regular hand or bath towel. Resistance Training with a towel can be effective by grabbing the towel with both hands at each end, raising it up shoulder level to your chest and then pulling the towel in opposite directions as hard as you can and hold for a count of one second repeating the steps at least 12 to 15 times for a complete set. Try to do at least 2 to 3 more sets of this resistance exercise. To get even more pull and tension in the reps, partially wet the towel.

If you don’t desire to use the towel method, you can use the resistance cord which is an asset for this type of training. Using the resistance cord can help to improve flexibility and increases your energy level by boosting your stamina. Resistance cords also have an advantage of being used for multiple purposes because they can either be used alone or combined with other exercise equipment such as free weights. Used with the most common and familiar exercises, this type of training increases the intensity of certain exercises such as tricep extensions or bicep curls. Standing Leg Squats can even be used with the resistance cord either with or without free weights. Putting this type of workout into your training schedule will also improve skeletal bone density (prevention of bone loss due to aging or lack of calcium) which will be one of the factors that leads up to you having a healthy and physically fit body.