Skin Care for Good Wear

DSC00443 (1)One major step you can take into consideration for serious skin care is that you have to keep your internal system clear in order to have good quality skin. An important element that can aid in maintaining healthy skin is adequate water consumption. Drinking a good amount of water not only flushes out the kidneys and aids in proper digestion to keep your system clear but it also keeps the skin cells hydrated which prevents dryness and tightness of the skin. Don’t worry about or concern yourself with that “Drink 8 glasses a day” statement that the experts suggest because each individual’s bodyweight and size aren’t the same just like drinking glasses differ in size. Consuming about 4 to 6 bottles (16.9 Fl. Oz. size bottle) of spring water or drinking up to about a half gallon of water throughout the day should be a sufficient amount.

When it comes to conventional sunscreens for skin protection from the sun they can do more harm than good because the sun’s ultraviolet rays are always misunderstood and blamed for sunburned skin when in reality what causes the skin cells to be possibly damaged are the ingredients within the sunscreens coming into direct contact with the ultraviolet rays. Ingredients listed mostly on the back of sunscreens like Methyl Salicylate, Laneth-75, FD&C Blue #1, FD&C Yellow #5, Stearyl Alcohol and Beneyl Benzoate are really chemicals that will definitely not protect your skin cells from sunlight exposure.

In fact sunlight exposure is responsible for the production of Vitamin D within our bodies. The sun’s ultraviolet rays comes in direct contact with the oil glands of the skin which irradiates substances within the glands referred to as ergosterols and transforms them into Vitamin D. Exposure to sunlight also assists in weight loss because it helps to increase the body’s metabolic rate from stimulation of the thyroid gland. Vitamin D is the only vitamin which is produced naturally within our bodies because of sun exposure and gives us a number of fringe benefits such as strengthening bones and teeth, increasing oxygen volume within the blood and increasing muscle tone.

If you must rely on using sunscreens for your skin, at least use the organic types that are paraben free. The paraben free versions contain no petroleum, chemical solvents, and alcohols that could possibly dry out and irritate skin like the conventional brands of sunscreens. When applying a moisturizer (an organic brand is suggested) to your skin, the best time to do it is immediately after taking a bath or shower because the pores of the skin are more open and would allow the moisturizer to enter your skin faster. A mild foaming cleanser or hemp oil is recommended for those of you who have combination skin (both dry and oily skin). You can also seek out a good and reputable dermatologist who’ll be most likely to inform you of other methods for proper skin care. You have to realize that your skin is your natural coat that protects your body’s inner organs from bacteria, so take care of it and wear it well.