Sleeping To Stay Healthy!

Your good health will keep when you get enough sleep. Even though everyone’s sleep needs vary, some individuals can perform at their peak level while others won’t be able to do so without at least six to eight hours of sleep. No matter what the age of the individual might be, your chances of performing at peak level on a particular day will most likely be guaranteed if you received ten hours of sleep that previous night (or if you work at night, the same rule applies for those of you who sleep during the day).

Don’t exercise too close to bedtime because your brain will become highly active along with an increased adrenaline level as a result of exercising making it difficult for you to sleep afterwards. If anyone ever told you this or you read it somewhere, don’t believe it for one second because it’s simply just not true. It was once thought that exercising too close to bedtime could disrupt one’s sleep pattern but for those of us who engage in physical activity, research from the National Sleep Foundation (NSF) has shown that exercising either at late night, midnight or moonlight is just fine, and as a matter of fact, people who exercised at any time of the day or night rested better and was more refreshed than people who didn’t workout at all. A male’s performance in the gym will benefit him as a result of receiving a good eight to ten hours of sleep because it can keep his testosterone level at a good amount whereas a lack of sleep (about 4 to 5 hours) might decrease that level.

The benefits of getting enough sleep include helping the body to recover and fix itself be it from exercise or repairing damage brought on by levels of stress. Muscle growth from the day’s previous workout will occur if you get enough sleep that night because your body’s cells will produce more protein while you sleep which allows your muscles to grow. The eight to ten hours of sleep you put in will repair the damage brought on by stressing the muscles from the weights that you used.

As for everyone else be it male or female, the main reason that you should be getting at least eight to ten hours of sleep every night (or everyday for those of you who work at night) is because you can prevent receiving serious health problems such as heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, diabetes or obesity.