Take a Strike at Stress!

Stress, we’ve all dealt with it one way or another. Just what is stress? You’ve heard about it numerous times and probably experienced a great deal of it in your life but what exactly is it? Stress happens to be a physical, mental or emotional condition that causes tension either bodily or mentally. Can it be controlled or managed? The answer is yes.

There are quite a number of ways stress can be dealt with, here are some of the steps that can be taken. On the emotional side of dealing with stress focus more on the major and positive activities going on in your life while not necessarily dismissing the minor problems going on in your life but not focusing on it and worrying about it as much. For example if you’re having money issues such as not paying the bills on time because you’re financially strapped while dealing with the stuff you have to put up with at a job you hate, constantly remind yourself of the good things you have in life which could be family and friends who you know that you can depend on or a spouse or companion that you know that you could always turn to for moral support. If you’re one who likes to relax by watching television, view programs that will make you laugh such as comedies and avoid watching negative stories that can surface on the TV news and sour your mood. Focusing more on and constantly reminding yourself of the positive things you have going on with your life could possibly ease the tension of dealing with both the major and minor problems you’re dealing with which could make stressing out about both situations (major and minor) a little easier.

On the physical side of things, stress can be dealt with by engaging in physical activity. Working out on a regular basis will tend to manage your stress by relaxing your mind and body while improving your mood. Another factor to improving your mood is eating a well-balanced meal. Try to avoid skipping meals because doing so will most likely put you in a bad mood which actually increases your stress level. Some steps to controlling stress can be done by certain breathing exercises and meditation. Make sure that you’re sitting down being in a relaxed state of mind with your eyes closed and begin taking slow measured breaths. Trying this method for about 10 to 15 minutes a day could make a difference in reducing your stress level.