The Best Defense is a Good Offense

DSC00204-1Cold and flu season is almost upon us. So a majority of individuals will be getting their flu shot. On the other hand, some will not be receiving it because they choose not to. Whatever decision you undertake, it’s advisable that you should not forget a few common practices such as washing your hands. I wouldn’t solely depend on the flu shot being a full suit of armor against influenza and the common cold because you could still obtain it from a hand that harbors germs.

For example, if someone who has it coughs and sneezes in their hand and touches a door knob or a computer keyboard, the microorganisms are going to be left on that item and if you come in contact with it, the germs have been transferred to your hand. If your eye or nostril itches and you subconsciously rub them with that particular hand, then you’ve got the virus.

It’s vitally important to be aware of your surroundings (people who are already sick) during the cold and flu season. So don’t forget basic hygienic practices such as washing your hands and if you’re a distance from the bathroom or lavatory, alcohol rubs or a small bottle of hand sanitizer would be wise to have on you.

I thought this was worth mentioning because we need to have consideration for others such as the elderly and younger children. Until they come up with a wonder drug for this virus, the best defense against taking on the flu and common cold is a good offense such as washing your hands and keeping them clean and germ free.