The Reason For Resistance

In my recent article about “Resistance Training”, I gave my take mostly on the physical activity and training involved when using resistance cords or bands and how they benefit the body. Now I’ll give my opinions on why I think mostly anybody can take on this type of training that cancels out any type of excuses or reasons for people not to exercise.DSC00582 (1)

First and foremost of all, resistance bands or cords are inexpensive with some ranging from under 40 to 10 dollars depending on what other training equipment comes with the bands. Regardless, the bands are a very cost effective item compared to other training equipment.

To purposely sound repetitive, resistance bands or cords adapt to all levels of physical fitness whether you’re an expert or a beginner that is just starting out to train. The resistance bands variety and strength of intensity can either be light, medium or heavy. The positive plus that comes with the bands is the fact that the level of intensity can be adjusted. The bands make it very convenient for individuals who desire not to use the weights on certain training days or choose not to use the weights at all.

Taking up space for storage (such as a treadmill, home gym machine or a set of weights) is no problem with resistance bands because they don’t take up any space at all. Both the bands and cords are very compact which means you can use them at the gym or at your house or apartment and then put them away in your athletic bag or dresser drawer until you’re ready to use them again.

So with that being said, there are no excuses for you not to train (or at least give the bands or cords a try) because this unique and economical type of training equipment allows you to workout at your own pace and intensity level at any place at any time.