Brown Rice is Brilliant!

DSC00468-1When it comes to adding nutritional value to your diet plan which can be very beneficial to your health, a bowl of brown rice could be a very wise and satisfactory choice. Brown rice is a natural whole grain food that harbors no additives and contains a multiple amount of nutrients such as potassium, calcium, proteins, and most of all fiber.

Brown rice is very wholesome and high in fiber which is very important for the digestive tract because its natural elements and ingredients can actually stabilize digestion which allows the bowel function of the body to operate on a normal level. This can aid in maintaining a healthy colon and weight which helps to support a well balanced diet.

Not only is it a natural source of fiber but brown rice is definitely a healthier choice for your body’s nutritional needs rather than the common enriched white rice that many consumers are familiar with. The main reason for this is that the grains of brown rice are not refined and processed unlike enriched white rice which harbors a massive amount of starch. White rice’s high content of starch will spike blood sugar levels very fast whereas brown rice releases blood sugar levels slowly and in a more sustained manner. Due to the fact that brown rice fails in spiking blood sugar levels which is a positive factor, this would be a much healthier and safer choice over the common enriched white rice for individuals who have Type 2 diabetes.

The only fancy (not positive) thing that can be said about white rice is that it is “enriched” which isn’t saying much. When white rice is enriched, it is actually processed which means it is stripped of all the natural ingredients brown rice holds such as magnesium which aids in digesting carbohydrates and fats, selenium which is a trace mineral that allows antioxidant protection for the body, zinc which helps to regulate the body’s immune system by controlling the production of cells, and iron which is also a trace mineral responsible for the production of hemoglobin which is a protein needed to carry oxygen throughout the body.

An important fringe benefit that can be noted is that brown rice’s high fiber content burns fat and boosts metabolism which leads to promoting a healthy weight loss. If you’re already consuming foods high in fiber to lose weight and brown rice isn’t one of them, then add it to your list of high fiber foods to ensure receiving more nutritional value to your health and diet plan.