Eat Right, Then Get Big!

This information relates to a previous article I wrote over a year ago about the steps you have to take in order to gain muscle mass. For all of you who desire to get big and receive muscle mass from weight lifting but don’t seem to be getting anywhere, you’re obviously going to have to change your workout routine (Especially hardgainers). If you’ve ever heard the phrase “You have to eat big to get big”, that works for some individuals while others disagree with the saying because everybody can’t or won’t do it.

What I have to say is that you should eat right, then get big. Eating right to achieve massive gains should involve you eating calorie dense foods and not any type of junk food such as potato chips and donuts. Meat with animal protein (chicken, steak) and vegetables along with fruit should always be part of your daily diet. Start monitoring the calories you’re consuming and check your bodyweight on a regular basis. For instance if you’re an individual who weighs about 150 pounds the amount of calories you consume should be multiplied by 20 times your current bodyweight (Ex. 150 lbs. x 20 = 3000 calories). If you happen to weigh under 150 pounds or even over this amount it doesn’t necessarily matter how much you weigh, just take that amount you observed on the scale and multiply it by 20. Once you find out the answer from the formula that I’ve provided in my example, that is the amount of calories you should be consuming each day. If you stay disciplined by sticking to this method, you will start to see positive results in gaining muscle mass.