The Liver Delivers!

DSC00506When it comes to receiving high quality nutrition, Dessicated Liver delivers. Beef liver from cows contains a high amount of nutrients in it such as Bioavailable Iron, Vitamin A and Vitamin B12, and a good source of protein which also is provided with trace elements of chromium, copper and zinc. Even though a high amount of nutrients can be received from consuming liver, the taste of it for most individuals is not palatable. With that being said, acquiring the nutrients that could be beneficial to you is most likely to be dismissed because of the liver’s terrible taste. If you hate the taste of liver but desire to attain all of the nutrients it holds, then Dessicated Liver is for you.

Dessicated Liver is beef liver that has been dried or dehydrated which can then be converted into a powder, capsule or tablet. The fringe benefits of ingesting Dessicated Liver be it in powder or tablet form can range from increasing energy levels for a hardcore or low-impact workout to boosting metabolism. Other health benefits of taking Dessicated Liver includes improving respiratory strength, boosting the immune system, maintaining a healthy cholesterol level, improving the digestive tract, keeping blood sugar at a normal level and retaining a healthy cardiovascular system. Dessicated Liver allows the body to acquire all the beneficial nutrients it has while avoiding the unfavorable taste of liver.