A Winning Workout for the Brain

brain-1295128_1280The brain is an organ that is located in the head of the human body and serves as the center of the nervous system where its cerebral cortex contains neurons ranging from fifteen to thirty billion neurons. The neurons are the building blocks of the nervous system. The brain and the nervous system work well together as a unit because the brain controls the function of the physical body as the nervous system transmits messages to parts of the body. In order for our bodies to stay healthy and fit, we exercise. That works out well for how the physical body is taken care of but what about providing care for one of its most complex organs? Ever thought about exercising your brain as well as your body? Ever desire to be mentally fit as well as physically fit? Is it even possible? Engaging in learning a second language could be exactly what the brain needs to make that a possibility.

Due to the fact that language is complex, learning a second or foreign language boosts your brain’s cognitive skills by improving mood, memory, clarity and focus which actually gives your brain a good workout. The great advantage that individuals who speak a foreign language or multiple languages have over people who speak just one language have a better attention span being less distracted than others and are able to concentrate more efficiently. Making decisions are easy along with having good listening skills. Studies have shown that neural pathways between parts of the brain were increased by the numbers from studying or learning a new language.

In other clinical studies, scientists have discovered that learning or knowing more than one language can postpone Alzheimer’s disease (Note: This doesn’t mean a cure for Alzheimer’s disease, only a postponement for it. The disease could be possibly delayed for about 4 to 5 years from this type of learning based on clinical studies). Keeping your brain mentally sharp and focused as a result from learning a second language benefits it because the brain tends to thrive on things that are always complex. This type of learning will force your brain to “work and think” which results in the brain actually getting a good and stimulating workout.